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My name is Anne Chahine and I am a visual anthropologist from Berlin, Germany. I am currently based in Aarhus, Denmark where I am pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at Aarhus University. Within the field of visual anthropology, I am using visual media to describe and analyse culture and as a way of constructing and communicating knowledge.

The Future Memory Collection Stories is part of my PhD dissertation Future memory making:Co-creating (post-)colonial imaginations with Greenlandic youth in Greenland and Denmark and connected to the Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network ‘POEM’ (Participatory Memory Practices). The study is scheduled to be executed over a total time span of three years between October 2018 and September 2021 in Denmark and Greenland. The research focuses on understanding the dynamics between historical discourses, different forms of memory constructions and future imaginations building upon visual and design anthropological modes of research and knowledge construction.


Atera tassaavoq Anne Chahine inunnik inuaqatigiinillu takussaasunik misisuisuuvunga Noorliit Nunaanni  Berlinimeersoq. Maannakorpiaq Århusimi najugaqarpunga ph.d-mik qaffasissulimmik ilinniarnertuutut atuarlunga. Takuneqarsinnaasunik inuit inuiaqatigiillu pissusaannik misissuininni tusagassiornermi assitalinik piorsarsimassuseq saqqummersinniarlugulu misissoqqissaartarpara.  Kiisalu ilisimasaqarneq ersersillugulu siammartertarpara.

The Future Memory Collection Stories Ph.D-mi ilisimatuutut allaaserisama ilagaa. Siunissami eqqaamasanik suliaqarneq: Co-creating, (post-) colonial imaginations (nunasiaasimasuni takorluukkat – Kalaallit Nunaanni Danmarkimilu kalaallit inuusuttut akornanni atuuttut. Taannalu Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network, ”POEM” (Participatory Memory Practices). Suliniut ukiuni pingasuni Danmarkimi Kalaallillu Nunaanni ingerlanneqassaaq 2018-mi oktoberimi aallartitumik 2021-milu septembarimi naammassineqassaaq. Ilisimatusarnermi suliakkut paasiniarneqarpoq suut oqaluttuarisaanermi isumaliutit, isumassarsiat eqqaamasat aammalu takorluukkat nukittut aallaavigineraat.  Aallaaviuppullu takussaasunik aammalu inuit inuiaqatigiillu pissusaannik pilersitanik ilisimatusarnermik ilimassanillu inerititsiniarneq.

Anne Chahine Photo: © Reine Chahine
Photo: © Reine Chahine