Temporary Exhibition at the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk

With the support of the American Society of Visual Anthropology/Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship, I was able to execute a temporary photo exhibition at the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk that translates this online collection into a temporary real-life setting. The exhibition was launched on 25 October 2019 and was open to the public for four weeks until the end of November 2019. The idea was to communicate research approaches as well as the most recent results to the general public and foster exchange with the local community. The exhibition showcased 40 large-scale photographs of the collected objects and displayed excerpts of the accompanying stories through a projector. The full stories were accessible online with the help of iPads available in the museum. Visitors were invited to become part of the installation by answering the question “What do you want to be remembered by?” themselves, write their answers on post-it notes and attach them to the wall in the exhibition.

I would like to thank the Greenland National Museum for hosting the exhibition and supporting me with material and labor force. A special thanks goes to Ujammiuguaq Engell for planning and execution, Kirstine Møller for feedback and counseling, Allan Lynge for his craftsmanship, Michael Nielsen and Birte Olsen for helping with the setup, Cebastian Rosing for the photo and video documentation, Christian Koch Madsen for a lovely opening introduction and Maannguaq Rosing for translating and presenting the opening speech with me.

American Society of Visual Anthropology/Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship tapersersortigalugu, immikkut assilianik saqqummersitsineq pilersissinnaasivara Nunatta Katersugaasiviani, nittartakkami katersukkat assilianngorlugit ilumoortunngortillugit saqqummiussinnaasimavakka. Oktobarip 25-viani 2019 saqqummersitsineq ammaanersiorneqarsimavoq inunnullu sapaatip akunneri sisamat alakkarneqarsinnaasimalluni Novemberip naanissaata tungaanut. Isumassarsiaq tassaasimavoq misissueriaatsit inernerillu kingullerpaat tamanut ammasutut attaveqaatitut atornissai aammalu illoqarfimmiunut paarlaaqatissatut atornissai. Saqqummersitsinermi assit 40-t angisuut projektorikkullu oqaluttuat naalisakkat ilaasimapput. Oqaluttuat tamakkiisortai nittartakkakkut takuneqarsinnaapput Ipad-it ikiortigalutit katersugaasivimmi atorneqarsinnaasut. Katersugaasivimmut isertut periarfissinneqarsimapput saqqumersitsinermut ilaanissaminnut, apeqqut “Qanoq eqqaamaneqarusuppit?” pappiliaaqqamut akineqarsinnaasimavoq iikkamullu akissut nivinngarneqarsinnaasimalluni.

Qujaffigerusuppakka Nunatta Katersugaasivia saqqummersitsivigisinnaagakku aammalu najoqqutassanik ikiorsinnaammannga. Immikkuullarimmik qujaniarusuppunga Ujammiugaq Engell-imut, pilersaarusiorsinnaasimammat aammalu naammassinnissimammat, Kirstine Møller siunnersuineranut feedbackinullu. Allan Lynge assassorluarneranut, Michael Nielsen Birte Olsenilu aaqqissuinermut ikiuussimasut, Cebastian Rosing assiliineranut filmiliornermullu, Christian Koch Madsen ammaanersiornermi ilisarititsineranut aammalu Maannguaq Rosing ammaanersiornermi oqalugiaatinnut nutserineranut ammaanersiornermilu oqalugiaqatigisinnaasimammanga.

Impressions of the Exhibition Opening, Greenland National Museum, 25 October 2019

All Photos: © Cebastian Miki Rosing

Making Off – shot and edited by Cebastian Miki Rosing

This research was supported by the Society for Visual Anthropology / Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship, made possible by a generous donation from The Robert Lemelson Foundation.