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The Future Memory Collection Stories invites young Greenlandic people living in Denmark or Greenland to collaboratively explore and experiment with perceptions of history, memory, contemporary culture and future imaginations. The project playfully explores one leading question: What do you want to be remembered by? 

Participants are asked to think about key artifacts from their everyday life that they believe are worth preserving for future generations. This website functions as the digital archive and virtual exhibition space of the contributed objects and their stories and makes the collection available to a broader public. 


The Future Memory Collection Stories-imik suliaqartut kalaallit inuusuttut Danmarkimi aammalu Kalaallit Nunaanni najugaqartut suleqatiginissaannut qaaqquvaat. Tassami oqaluttuarisaanermi, eqqaamasaqarnermi, nalitsinni piorsarsimassusermik aammalu siunissaq pillugu takorluukkanik ilisimasanillu misileraanissanik suliaqarusukkatta. Qiimasumik ammasumillu apeqqut pingaarneq misissoqqissaarneqartoq tassaavoq: Qanoq eqqaamaneqarusuppit? 

Peqataasut qinnuigineqassapput atortut ulluinnarni atortorisartakkatik suut pingaarutillit siunissamilu inunnit atortorineqartuartussatut piukkussatik eqqarsaatigeqqullugit. Una nittartagaq digitalimik allagaasivittut aammalu qarasaasiakkut atortunik aalajangersimasunik saqqummersitsivittut atorpoq aammalu kikkunnit tamanit iserfigineqarsinnaalluni. 


Future Memory Stories Anne Chahine

Under Construction

This website is currently under construction and you might encounter content and project descriptions that have become outdated. Future Memory Stories, initially developed under the name The Future Memory Collection, is part of my (Anne Chahine‘s) PhD […]

Arnaq Frederiksen, Future Memory Stories, Future Siunissaq, Ilinniartuuneq (Being a Student), Ilisimatusarfik 2021, Nuuk Greenland, Photo: © Arnaq Frederiksen

The Future · Siunissaq

I decided to bring a notebook, a pen, post-its and a highlighter because they all represent one thing for me: EDUCATION. For me, it’s important to get an education, to gain knowledge and fight for a better […]

Nuunu Boassen, Future Memory Stories, Rise Again Aligoq Aappaluttoq, Midnight Kayaking, Spring 2009, Kigutaarnat Nuusssuaq Greenland Photo: © Nuunu Boassen

Rise Again · Aligoq Aappaluttoq

I wanted to choose something alive at this exact moment. When a flower dies, it becomes part of the earth and can arise again. In 50 years, all the many fashionable, short-lived things that we surround ourselves […]

Future Memory Stories, Aviaq Brummerstedt, My Family and I, Ilaquttakka uangalu, © Aviaq Brummerstedt

My Family and I · Ilaquttakka uangalu

When I was thinking about what to bring, these two things came up immediately. The object on the left is a necklace and it represents an Inuk (singular of Inuit). My grandparents are sheep farmers and they […]

Roots, Sorlat, Nuuk, Greenland

Roots · Sorlat

The future should know that I am not good with flowers. I am horrible at it. My fellow students and I bought this flower together for our shared office space. Currently, it is standing on my desk […]

Maannguaq Rosing, Future Memory Stories, Qanilaarneq, GU Gymnasium, June 2013, Sisimiut Greenland, Photo: © Magdalene Egede Abelsen

Qanilaarneq (“Closeness”)

This is a picture that I made myself when I was in art school. It is a Cyanotype which refers to the process of making these kinds of pictures. It is a bit like developing film, and […]